About Us

Spine Foundation was launched, and is supported by, the North American Spine Society, the world's largest professional spine organization. We are dedicated to driving the development of spinal health care through research, education and advocacy for the billions of people suffering impairment and disability.

Our vision is a world where spine-related disorders don’t mean an enduring lifetime of disadvantage. This is why we’re dedicated to funding vital investigations into the development of the most effective medical, occupational, psychological, and social strategies as a means of keeping patients actively engaged in life and as productive, successful members of society.

Spine Foundation is the only organization to cohesively and collaboratively address the #1 cause of spine disability globally. Our team is composed of specially trained and deeply committed medical and non-medical professionals who have come together and collaborate for this most important cause.

Spine Foundation has established Spine 10 x 25, an initiative that will lead to a 10% reduction in U.S. spine-related disability by the year 2025. We can confidently bring the Spine 10 x 25 initiatives to life by placing this target on the horizon and developing concomitant strategies to enhance our chance of success.

Medical and non-medical stakeholders including providers, researchers, corporate executives, economists and other thought leaders will support us as we work to address, and end, this most important public health issue. Your contribution is greatly welcomed, as it can make a meaningful and positive impact.

Your support can make a difference.